As a wedding officiant, my job is to listen and help design the ceremony that best presents your beautiful love story. Every couple is unique. There is no “one size fits all” for your ceremony.

Choose the style that suits you and then I will work with you, so you are comfortable and have the ceremony that reflects who you are as a couple.

You can relax knowing your officiant is committed to supporting you from the process of planning the ceremony until that moment you exchange vows and begin your new life.



Married by Maggie offers many unique wedding packages or we can custom tailor something out of this world just for you and your special someone.


Elopements are usually planned quickly – spur of the moment or in a few days. Couples who choose an elopement want to keep things simple – but simple does not mean you have to get married in a stark courtroom – you can still be romantic! Do you have a favorite spot meaningful to you both – a park, by the river, a place with a city view? Does getting married at home or in the backyard appeal to you? We will work together to plan a lovely, memorable ceremony. This ceremony includes the couple and up to 4 guests.

Included for elopement: 

Call or Zoom meeting to discuss your plan

Exchange of vows


Signing of marriage license

Certified mailing of marriage license



Weddings are beautiful, festive occasions often accompanied by guests, good food, flowers and music. Regardless of how large or small the wedding, there is one part of the day that is solely about the couple and that’s the wedding ceremony itself. Maggie will listen to you and design a personalized ceremony that reflects you as a couple.

Included in Weddings:

Initial meeting in person or via Zoom where we will discuss your story – how you met, meaningful memories, rituals, customs, or part of your heritage that you would like observed. If there are loved ones who need to be remembered or special readings that you want incorporated in the ceremony, we will work to accommodate your requests.

Follow-up emails and texts as needed

Personalized ceremony

Exchange of vows


Signing of marriage license

Certified mailing of marriage license


your very own love story

More ways to celebrate!

commitment ceremony

A wedding ceremony is not the right fit for everyone. There are people who love each other and commit to a shared life together. Let’s discuss how to celebrate that love with a ceremony that honors your unique relationship.


vow renewals

After years of marriage, a vow renewal has special significance. We will work together with you to create a celebration that honors the life and love you built together and lays the path for continued joy.



As an optional add-on service, Maggie is happy to walk the bridal party through a rehearsal. If you are working with a well-known wedding venue, they may be able to coordinate a rehearsal as they do it routinely. However, if needed, Maggie will attend the rehearsal.


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